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We chose to work with Donna Lone because she has sold several homes in the subdivision, knew the local area well and offered a great rate. In this terrible real estate market Donna kept us well informed and always seemed to be guardedly optimistic. She worked to sell our house and accomplished that task! We never felt pressured to accept an offer so she could make a sale even though our home was on the market for longer than we had hoped. I would not hesitate to do business with her in the future or recommend her to friends.

- Noelle Worm

We do love this area and really are so very happy here!!! I would love to have you come by anytime. Most of the boxes are unpacked now. I never realized how much stuff we have (wow what a move!!!) I would be flattered to have you use any of our positive feedback to better your business anytime!!!! You do business in the most wonderful old fashioned way where people are matched to what they hope for and beyond! Your patience with us matched that of Job (in the bible) as we were very undecisive at first. You made yourself available to us anytime we were able to check places out and pointed to the positives in each place. We did not feel pressured by you at all at anytime and that is what is so amazing about the wonderful service you provided to us! Then once we finally decided on the perfect place you jumped into action with all the possible help we could ever need! Our only regret was that the home we selected was listed by someone else and that you had to share the commission cause you did all the work. Our wish for you my friend is that your business will prosper in this new year with bountiful blessings and that God will continue to watch over you and your family. Look forward to seeing you soon. If you call first I will have coffee ready when you get here. huggs! Bobbi

- Jeff & Bobbi Foote

Paula she was very professional and paid close attention to detail. I would refer her to any one I know She is also very knowledgalable

- Paula

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Donna Lone
Donna Lone

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